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Retirement Scorecard

How Does Your Retirement Plan Hold Up?

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Journey to Retirement: For Pre-Retirees 

  • Important Health Care Changes
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Tax-saving Strategies

Boost Your Retirement: For Retirees

  • Long-term Care Strategies
  • Legacy Planning Steps
  • Extending Income to Age 100
April 2
Journey to Retirement Live Online Workshop
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5 Things To Know Before You Retire

With this 8-page instant download, you'll discover:

  • Different tax planning plays to and through retirement
  • How to potentially save money through tax diversification
  • One of the most powerful tax advantageous accounts

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about retirement planning — and more.

The Merkle Retirement Method


Where are you at today with your Retirement Planning and what will it take to get you to where you want to be? Are there strategies you have yet to explore?


What's keeping you from reaching your goals right now? How could your plan improve? We'll take a closer look at your portfolio risk and the fees you're paying.


Explore how the Merkle Retirement Method can help you achieve your retirement dreams. The power is in the planning.

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